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Trump's trade war casts dark shadow over China
Yang Jian | 2018/10/12

SHANGHAI -- U.S. President Donald Trump's real estate family business is not known to have bought or sold cars in China. But Trump is exerting major pain in China via the trade war he initiated three months ago.   Unless he can resolve bilateral trade disputes with his Chinese counterpart at the Group of 20 summit late next month in Argentina, his trade war will continue to weigh down on vehicle demand in China.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China
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Beijing moves to monitor EV safety
Yang Jian | 2018/9/28

SHANGHAI -- The Chinese government¡¯s decadelong subsidy program has led to the creation of the world¡¯s largest market for electrified vehicles. But the government has largely failed to pay attention to the vehicles' safety.   It finally responded this week and started deploying a nationwide check on the safety of the vehicles.  The move may expose a reality not as pleasant as the green propaganda trumpeted by the government but it is essential to ensuring sustainable development of the domestic electrified vehicle market.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China. 
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Chinese brands pay price for single-minded bet on crossovers
Yang Jian | 2018/9/14

It can be risky placing all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes. That¡¯s the lesson Chinese carmakers should learn from the softening market over the past two months.   Their big bet on crossovers, which worked wonderfully over the past several years, is now causing havoc with their sales.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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Behind the sudden decline in China's auto sales
Yang Jian | 2018/9/7

Industry trade groups and market research firms have produced various theories to explain why China¡¯s light-vehicle market has suddenly run out of steam.   But a website tracking peer-to-peer lending practices in China has provided one plausible factor.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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A peek at the future landscape of China's EV market
Yang Jian | 2018/8/24

SHANGHAI -- Figuring that young domestic automakers can never beat global giants with traditional gasoline engine technology, Beijing has bet on electric vehicles, which it believes provide domestic companies an opportunity to leapfrog rivals.   Will the government¡¯s wishes come true? Probably not.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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Real estate developers' entry bodes well for China's EV ambitions
Yang Jian | 2018/8/17

SHANGHAI -- Since last year, several major Chinese real estate developers have placed a bet on electric vehicles. They see synergies to be generated between EVs and their existing business, rather than short-term financial gains.   Their investments will help Chinese EV makers better cope with high capital expenditures and weather potential market risks.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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Multiple challenges in China await FCA's new CEO
Yang Jian | 2018/7/27

SHANGHAI -- In addition to putting the brakes on a China sales slump, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles faces key challenges in the world¡¯s largest auto market that need swift action from new CEO Mike Manley.   These include addressing retaliatory Chinese duties on imported vehicles, meeting stiffer rules on fuel economy and electrified vehicle production and improving the quality and images of two of its key brands.    Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of    Automotive News China.
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BMW, VW win Beijing's green light to gain control of China joint ventures
Yang Jian | 2018/7/20

SHANGHAI -- When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Germany last week, BMW Group and Volkswagen Group each signed deals pledging to invest more in their China joint ventures.   And the German automakers obtained something in return -- the opportunity to gain control of local joint ventures before other foreign peers.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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How this year's trade war is a different ballgame
Hans Greimel | 2018/7/17

Superficial similarities abound between the latest U.S. trade war with China and earlier, mostly failed campaigns against Japan.   But striking differences also suggest U.S. President Donald Trump's gambit might have better leverage.   Pictured: Hans Greimel is Asia editor of  Automotive News 
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Trump's trade war delivers unintended boon to China's auto industry
Yang Jian | 2018/7/13

SHANGHAI -- The United States has been by far the largest export market for China for many years. For that reason, the trade war U.S. President Donald Trump is waging against China may well sap the growth of the Chinese economy.   But China¡¯s auto industry has little to lose and much more to gain from Trump¡¯s crusade and the response it has elicited from the Chinese government.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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Trump's trade war casts dark shadow over China

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