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  How Beijing's EV mantra helped create a mega battery maker
Yang Jian | 2017/6/23

SHANGHAI -- In a market as huge as China, a small supplier can quickly evolve into a world-leading company if it arrives at the right time with the right product, and more importantly, if it enjoys favorable government policies.  
That is exactly what has happened to Contemporary Amperex Technology, a company in Ningde, a small city in east Chinas Fujian province.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China
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Chinese carmakers declare war on foreign rivals
Yang Jian | 2017/6/16

SHANGHAI -- Until recently, Chinese automakers were widely considered to be cheap, low-quality marques that were too weak to compete with global giants.  But in the past two years, several Chinese brands have snatched market share from foreign rivals.  What is even more impressive is that they have begun to compete on product, rather than price.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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China's EV market: Something for everybody
Yang Jian | 2017/6/9

SHANGHAI -- How should foreign automakers enter China's fast-growing EV market -- with pricey luxury cars, or no-frills models for the mass market?  The answer appears to be both.  To meet Beijing's tough fuel economy targets, Volkswagen Group and Daimler AG each has adopted a twofold strategy, and other foreign automakers are likely to follow suit.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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Geely, a winner in China, faces uphill battle establishing itself overseas
Yang Jian | 2017/6/2

Geely Holding Group has emerged as the largest domestic carmaker in China this year. It is poised to defend its growing market share with a wave of models under its newly created Lynk & CO brand.  But the private Chinese company still has a long way to go before becoming a truly global player, one that international brands have to reckon with.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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Lotus can thrive under Geely
Nick Gibbs | 2017/5/30

The decision by China's Geely Auto to take a majority stake in Lotus Cars is great news for the unprofitable British sports-car maker.  Geely already is making positive noises about revitalizing the underfunded company.  Geely said it "aimed to unleash the full potential of Lotus Cars and bring it into a new phase of development by expanding and accelerating the rolling out of new products and technologies."  Pictured: Nick Gibbs is U.K. correspondent for Automotive News Europe.
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LeEco, on a short leash, may ditch EV project in U.S.
Yang Jian | 2017/5/26

SHANGHAI -- Early last year, LeEco formed a U.S. subsidiary, Faraday Future, to build a $1 billion electric vehicle plant in Nevada.  Despite a subsequent cash crunch, company founder Jia Yueting has repeatedly pledged to move forward with the factory. Until now.  In the wake of a recent financial bailout, LeEco is rapidly approaching the point at which it will have to abandon the U.S. project.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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Uber better watch out -- China's Didi is coming
Michael Dunne | 2017/5/23

Didi means "beep-beep" in Chinese.  Originally, the name was intended to convey the sound of a friendly hello.  For Uber these days, Didi might sound more like: "Move out of the way, I'm going to blow past you."  Didi Chuxing, China's fast-growing ride-hailing service, is quietly amassing the money, expertise and allies that it will need if it decides to enter the U.S. market. Here's why Uber should be worried.  Pictured: Michael Dunne is president of Dunne Automotive.
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Foreign automakers shouldn't fear Beijing's 2025 edicts
Yang Jian | 2017/5/19

SHANGHAI -- Beijing has been busy issuing edicts to automakers ever since it opened China to foreign investment.  The latest is a blueprint -- published just last month -- which is supposed to guide automakers through 2025.  It sets goals for EV sales, fuel economy and r&d expenditures, among other things. It even indicates which Chinese automakers should rank among the top 10 of global powerhouses.  Should foreign automakers take this stuff seriously? If history is any guide, they should keep an eye on the policies, but not worry themselves sick about them.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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Will Beijing have to pay balky consumers to buy EVs?
Yang Jian | 2017/5/12

SHANGHAI -- Beijing has big dreams for electric vehicle sales in China.  The government expects China's annual EV sales will reach 2 million units by 2020 -- nearly four times the tally in 2016, according to a blueprint published last month for the country's domestic automakers.  But there's scant evidence that consumers want these vehicles -- despite big sales in recent years.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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Why Beijing is in no hurry to free foreign automakers from joint ventures
Yang Jian | 2017/4/28

SHANGHAI -- Foreign automakers in China have dreamed for decades to be free of the joint ventures that the Chinese government has imposed on them.  This week, a document released by three government agencies appeared to signal that wish would soon come true. But a close look at the document's wording -- not to mention the shaky financial condition of China's state-owned automakers -- suggests the opposite.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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How Beijing's EV mantra helped create a mega battery maker

Tesla moves a step closer to building EVs in China

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Ford, in bet on low oil prices, shifts more Focus output to China

Volvo Cars relaunches Polestar as independent performance EV brand

Hyundai taps VW's former China design director

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Former VW design chief de Silva joins Edag to style EVs for China

VW Group's China sales edge up in May

GAC eyes Canadian market launch in 2020, report says

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