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  China may roll back EV quotas as industry pushes back
Reuters | 2017/3/14

BEIJING  -- China may ease proposed quotas aimed at producing more electric vehicles as Beijing gets pushback from the auto industry over the scale and pace of the plans.  The proposed changes would delay the target date when electric cars and plug-in hybrids must account for at least 8 percent of an automaker's sales.  Under the proposed changes, automakers would have to attain that target in 2019, two auto executives said. 
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  Geely calls on China to relax mapping rules to spur rollout of autonomous cars
Reuters | 2017/3/3

BEIJING -- Geely called on the government to loosen strict controls on mapping, saying current rules in place for national security reasons risk inhibiting the development of self-driving vehicles.   Li Shufu, chairman of Geely's listed unit and controlling group, told reporters in Beijing on Thursday he has submitted a policy proposal to "prudently" liberalize mapping rules without endangering national security. Li made his proposal during the session of the China People's Political Consultative Conference, which advises parliament.
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  Beijing confirms plans to raise tax on small cars in 2017
Automotive News China | 2016/12/20

China's government confirmed media reports that it will raise the purchase tax on small vehicles next month, with the increase to be phased in over the next year.  Vehicles with engine sizes up to 1.6 liters currently carry a 5 percent purchase tax. That will be increased to 7.5 percent next year and 10 percent in 2018, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Finance.
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  GM price-fixing probe signals Beijing's ire at Trump
Reuters | 2016/12/20

BEIJING -- China's plan to punish a U.S. automaker accused of price-fixing is a sign of how Beijing could retaliate if President-elect Donald Trump upends decades of relations between the two nations.  Trump's assertion that the United States need not be bound by the policy that Taiwan is part of "one China" would erode a bedrock of U.S.-China ties that has underpinned the vast increase in trade and cooperation between what are now the world's two largest economies.
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Beijing should let state-owned automakers sink or swim
Yang Jian | 2016/12/16

SHANGHAI -- When China joined the World Trade Organization 15 years ago, it had two big goals: attract foreign investment and help domestic companies gain access to foreign technology.  China's auto industry attracted plenty of investment, but domestic automakers never got the technology. Now Beijing is giving up the fight.  Last week, the government announced that foreign automakers can produce electric vehicles and batteries in China without sharing technology with their Chinese partners.  Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of  Automotive News China.
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  GM China to be penalized for monopolistic behavior, reports say
Reuters | 2016/12/16

 China soon will slap a penalty on General Motors' China unit for monopolistic behavior, according to media reports out of China today.  Initial reports from the  China Daily  newspaper didn't name the automaker, but Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that GM China was the target. 

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Beijing's EV battery policy loses touch with reality
Yang Jian | 2016/12/2

SHANGHAI -- In recent years, Beijing has offered big incentives to encourage the sale of electric vehicles, despite scant interest among consumers.  Now Beijing wants to force-feed the growth of EV battery makers, too.  And like previous EV policies, Beijing's proposed battery rules have little basis in reality.   Pictured: Yang Jian is managing editor of Automotive News China.
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U.S. steel makers push Trump team for more trade defenses
Reuters | 2016/11/29

The top U.S. steel makers' association said it has been in contact with President-elect Donald Trump's transition team as the industry seeks tougher trade defenses under his incoming administration. Trade restrictions are tantalizing for an American steel industry struggling with foreign competition, notably Chinese companies, but analysts say new measures could trigger a backlash from U.S. automakers and other consumers who want unfettered access to overseas markets.

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  City of Beijing to ban polluting cars during smog alerts
Reuters | 2016/11/25

BEIJING -- Next year, Beijing will ban highly polluting old cars from being driven whenever air quality alerts are issued in the city or neighboring regions, the city's environmental protection bureau said. China has adopted various measures over the years to reduce the blankets of smog which shroud many of the country's northern cities in the winter, causing hazardous traffic conditions and disrupting daily life.

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  Beijing likely to extend tax break for small cars
Automotive News China | 2016/11/15

The Chinese government is expected to extend a 50 percent cut in the sales tax on small vehicles, according to an official with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, a government-backed industry body.  Government ministries are assessing the impact of the tax incentive on China's car market, Ye Shengji, vice secretary general of the association, said last week at a news briefing in Beijing. 
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